MICHAEL, Toby (b.1996)

Toby Michael: Self Portrait, 2021

Artists Statement

Toby Michael (b. 1996) is a figurative painter from Buckinghamshire. He is a classically trained artist, who learnt his craft through tuition from Florence Academy Alumni, whilst developing his practiceat Winchester School of Art. Since graduating Toby has been taking commissions whilst exhibiting domestically and selling his studio work to collectors internationally. He was Artist in Residence at Stowe House 2020-21. He currently works from his studio in Milton Keynes and is on the Board of Trustees for Chapel Arts Studios in Andover.

“My art strives to weave together personal observations of the natural world with historical and contemporary iconography. By juxtaposing imagery from modern culture with nature, I can create art with an honest yet ethereal quality.  My style is grounded in 19th century academicism, with a strong aesthetic and conceptual influence from the Pre-Raphaelites and Impressionists. I hope the paintings I create are both windows and mirrors, reflecting the archetypes and axioms that underpin civilisation, yet in a world that does not feel like the everyday. These pieces are part of my personal exploration into the concept of Englishness, and how it manifests within myself as a biracial man, as well as its influence within the wider, diverse landscape of 21st century England.”


  • VAA Emerging Artist Award 2020
  • Clyde Hopkins Award for Valorous Painting 2018
  • Sky Portrait artist of the year finalist 2020
  • Longlist for the Sequested Prize 2021