MOORE, Gabrielle ( b.1949)

Gaby Moore: ‘RA Schools Corridor’ , 4/50


Gabrielle Moore was born in Worcestershire and educated in London. For 17 years she worked for architects in Barbados, New York, Toronto, Piano Rogers in Paris on the Pompidou Centre and Farrell & Grimshaw in London. She then went on to study art at Byam Shaw, The Royal Academy Schools and City & Guilds of London Art School where she subsequently taught Trompe L’oeil painting and life drawing for the next 15 years. Gabrielle works in a number of mediums but is primarily a painter and etcher.

Gabrielle specialises in the tonal aquatint form of etchings and the majority of her prints are of this method. Aquatints are achieved by laying a resin dust on a clean blank metal plate, melting it to harden, make it adhere and act as resistant to acid. A stop out varnish is then used in a build up of steps to create the tonal image. The plate goes through a series of dips into acid to obtain a depth of “biting”. The resulting holes eventually hold the ink for the printing process.