MARINKOV Sasa (b.1949) Dark Forest


Sasa Marinokov (b.1949)

‘Dark Forest’  


Image 45.0 x 63.0 cm


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Sasa Marinokov (b.1949)

Dark Forest

Woodcut, 11/40

45.0 x 63.0 cm

Sasa Marinkov (b.1949)

My preferred method of making images is through relief printmaking. I like exploring this expressive language in a dialogue between positive and negative, representation and abstraction, control and accident. I use lino, birch plywood, lemon wood, Japanese and European papers and often hand burnish the prints. I search for subjects with a camera or draw and freeze a landscape in time, sometimes using nature symbolically or show a city in construction or destruction. I continue the journey in the making of the print. Teaching ideas, and a wide variety of skills, have been an important and absorbing part of my creative life.


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