MARC (Mark Boxer) (1931-1988)




Marc (Mark Boxer) (1931-1988)

Untitled, 1968

Original illustration: Pen & ink


Image: 28.5 x 20.3

Frame: 34.5 x 26.3 cm

Charles Mark Edward Boxer (19 May 1931 – 20 July 1988) was a British magazine editor and social observer, and a political cartoonist and graphic portrait artist working under the pen-name ‘Marc’.

Drawing under the pen-name ‘Marc’, Boxer first came to prominence with a regular cartoon Life and Times in NW1, which ran in The Listener from 1968. This satirised the lifestyles of NW1 trendies, as typified in his characters Simon and Joanna Stringalong.

Boxer followed this with the production of a long series of pocket cartoons, single frame social commentaries which were published first in The Times, and subsequently in The Guardian. These were created in collaboration with the humorist George Melly, and led many to consider him the successor to Osbert Lancaster.

Boxer’s profile drawings of celebrated personalities, usually commissioned to accompany a feature profile article, appeared in the New Statesman between 1970 and 1978, and in The Observer between 1982 and 1987. Many are now in the archives of the National Portrait Gallery (London). They also appeared as illustrations to mock-heroic poems written by Clive James. The Fate of Felicity Fark in the Land of the Media (1975) and Britannia Bright’s Bewilderment in the Wilderness of Westminster (1976).

Boxer also produced a series of drawings of characters to illustrate the covers of Anthony Powell’s 12-volume novel, A Dance to the Music of Time.


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